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Diary of a Man Renovator: The Maine Event Part 1

Written by Jaqui Lividini

For this week I thought I’d take you on a turn through my trip to Coastal Maine. Now that I’ve taken you through much of the technical renovation talk I figured it was time for something a bit more fun…home shopping!

To kick off my first shopping day in Boothbay Harbor, as a New Yorker, I of course contemplated where to get a super big decaf/skim cappuccino. 

Boothbay Harbor

Those of you who know me know this is my morning ritual. Lo and behold, I ended up finding the BEST cappuccino outside New York at The Red Cup Coffee House.When it comes to a cappuccino, it’s all in the foam – no air. Yes, I have it down to a science, and this spot’s coffee absolutely hit the spot. Hats off to Dominic and Jackie, the terrifically talented baristas who kickstarted my day not only this day, but every day while I was in Maine.  

Jackie and Dominic

After that I was off to Wiscasset, also known as “The Prettiest Village in Maine," for shopping. Our first stop: my favorite antique store in New England (maybe even the world) -The Marston House.

The Marston House

I've shopped here for twenty summers and I can't think of one trip when I've left empty handed. Sharon and Paul Mrozinski (the proprietors) live in France during the winter, and in Wiscasset for the summer. As a result, their antiques are American country mixed with a Provencal feel. Their taste is perfection, and being there for me is literally like being a kid in a candy shop.

Sharon and Paul Mozrinski

What a surprise--we found things to buy. First up - a French laundry basket to put Calliope’s enormous collection of stuffed animals in.

French Laundry Basket

We also found an amazing red, white and blue quilt for the great room, and an antique linen sheet in a teal blue color (they take antique linen sheets and dye them incredible colors) for the guest bedroom.

Quilt for the Great Room

Lastly we found divine paper flowers in red, orange and pink that looked like poppies. As always it was a delightfully playful shopping experience.

Paper Flowers

Our next stop was Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Rock Paper Scissors

We actually met Erica Soule (the owner) on one of our first visits to the Marston House years ago.  She was a student working with Sharon for the summer. I could spend days in her shop.

Colorful Wares

It’s a treasure trove of unique and interesting items, each a wonderful discovery. I spotted a perfect pink and sea-foam blanket for Calliope's room, as well as an enchanting papier-mâché bunny and a linen pillow with an embroidered heart.

Fun Bunny


Sweet Pillow

At this point we needed a snack to refuel! To Mac's Place we went for fresh homemade lemonade and the most inventive cupcakes I think I’ve ever encountered!

Mac's Place

There were little ice cream cones with cupcakes inside.

Cone Cupcakes

And there were Twinkie style cupcakes with little faces on them – Calliope and I were hooked!

Twinkie-style Cupcakes

The lemonade was my favorite. No added sugars just made fresh from lemons and ice water; something sweet to end a sweet day.

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