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The Williamsburg Way

Written by Rebecca Christian

If you love organic gardening and history,  you'll enjoy their hybridization in a new book, Vegetable Gardening The Coloinal Williamsburg Way. In it, the aptly named Wesley Greene tells how to adapt hsitoric methods for today while taking readers back to a time when melon seeds were improved by walking around with them in your pockets.

Willamsburg Gardener Wesley Greene, digging for the "obscure and admired root" salsify.

(We think he bears an uncanny resemblance to Walter White, the chemistry teacher turned drug lord in "Breaking Bad.")

Greene shows how in some cases materials have changed, with plastic swapped in for oiled paper and metal, while methods and results are remarkably similar. Greene also supplies weather-watching pointers and seed-saving advice. For potatoes, for example, he recommends saving them as tubers rather than seeds: Wash them, thorougly dry them, wrap them in paper and store them in your fridge's veggie bin.

Red Potato Flowers — Such pretty blooms from the humble spud.

The artichoke was hard to raise in Virginia; only the gentry attempted it.

You can order the book here for about $20:


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