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Just In Time For Mother's Day

Written by Rebecca Christian

Just in time for Mother's Day comes a retro-hip how-to book on making accessories with New Vintage style, Chic On A Shoestring, by Mary Jane Baxter (Perigee).  If you're crafty, you could make Mom a cool necklace out of 1950s paste jewelry, an apron out of vintage teatowels or a romantic lace scarf. If you're not crafty, give her the book for Mother's Day, and let her whip you up a bath-towel coverup or a vintage collar and cuffs set.  

The author has a background as eclectic as the trinkets she shows how to make in the book. A former foreign reporter for the BBC, she trained as a couture hat maker and worked with milliner Stephen Jones in London, plus did a stint with Marc Jacobs in Paris. The book rang my bells because as a veteran junker, I love collecting oddments that can be inexpensively turned into treasures (or molder in a box in my basement, but that's another story). Many of the projects in the book can be done with simple tools or by hand sewing, so you don't have to haul out a big sewing machine.

I think this change purse made out of a men's tie is mighty cute.

Mary Jane's website is; check out her Cheap Chic Tip of the Week.

The book is available on for about $16.



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