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Life as the Trad Home Intern Continued... The final Installment

Written by Julianne Hilmes

Today is my last day as the TradHome intern and this is my last blog post. It's kind of sad! It still feels like I just started but I have to keep reminding myself that I’ve been here since May. Before I start summing up the summer however, I can’t forget I made it to two final product previews this week – one for Mohawk flooring and the other for Loctite adhesives.

At the Mohawk preview, they discussed how one of their objectives with their carpet was health and wellness. Apparently “healthy carpet” is googled more than “stain-resistant carpet,” so they are working to make more healthy and natural carpets. They even use recycled plastic bottles in the creation of some of their “greener” material. Way to go Mohawk! I also learned that in order to demonstrate the durability of their carpet they had rhinos and elephants live on them in zoos – and they stood up to the test!

See? "Greener" carpet!

At the Loctite product preview I learned about their new super-strong construction quality adhesive and their three categories of super glues. I proceeded to experiment with the glue samples they’d given us and squeeze the container too much before taking the lid off, only to have it ooze out suddenly and glue my fingers together. Good thing they also happened to share tips for getting your fingers un-stuck.

The glue responsible for my sticky fingers

I really can’t believe how fast this summer has gone. I learned a lot. Not only about Traditional home, but also interior design, the magazine world, the corporate world, and the 9-5 world. Given that all my past gigs have been flexible hours waiting tables or babysitting, that last one took the most adjustment.

It’s been such a great experience to work here. I sat in on staff meetings and the Meredith All-Employee Meeting. I got to go to taste panels, photo shoots, and a lot of product previews. (Not to mention I learned a fair amount about those products!) I was in contact with people all over the country. On any given day I could have been in communication with people from L.A., Atlanta, and New York. I called, I emailed, I ordered, I tracked down tracking numbers! I got product donations for the gift bags for our Classic Women and worked on the tablescape for the Holiday Entertaining shoot. I wrote some video scripts and filled out my fair share of slideshow request forms.

I will say, I’ve finished up many of those slideshow request forms in the past few days, and I think I’ll be happy to not see one again for a while. My brain needs a little vacation – a girl can only think of so many ways to describe a room. It is kind of fun though, to write descriptions for images in a way that doesn’t sound repetitious. It’s kind of like solving a puzzle, and I really like puzzles. Nevertheless, there are some words that no matter what I am describing, just seem to follow me.

Julianne’s Top Slideshow Words:
Charm, rustic, warm, elegant, glamorous, cozy, perfect, palette, lovely, nook. Example:
“The cozy corner banquette”
“A cozy place to eat breakfast”
“Make the master bedroom cozy
“A warm tropical feel”
“Shades of warm browns and pale blues”
“An elegant evening”
Elegant domed ceiling”
“The elegant appeal”
“The elegant chandelier”
“An antique daybed and elegant linen sofa”
“The neutral palette
“A blue-themed palette
“Brown and blue palette
“Demonstrates country charm
“The chandelier dangles rustic charm” (double whammy)
“This dainty breakfast nook is the perfect complement to the sunny yellow walls” (double whammy)
“Curtains draw to create a cozy little nook” (double whammy)
“The master bedroom is cozy with a warm caramel palette and a nook for the bed” (The most incriminating of them all)

I certainly can’t forget that I was given the opportunity to blog! This has definitely been one of my favorite things. I have always loved writing (hence the journalism major), and being able to write about things in my own voice is always fun. And of course, thank YOU for reading!

Lastly, if you want to pick up a copy of the September issue, (and why wouldn’t you want to?), you should  check out the masthead – I was giddy with excitement when I saw it. Someone’s name appears last under the “editorial” section. :)

Well, thus ends my first foray into the 9-5 world. Adios!

This is me. Waving goodbye.


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