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Life as the Trad Home Intern Continued...

Written by Julianne Hilmes

It is sweltering out right now. I liken walking through the heat and humidity outside to walking through soup… or a sauna… or a steam room! It is seriously impossible to go outside for more than a minute without breaking a sweat. Luckily, I can keep cool with my new Copco Tumbler. Copco, I remembered as I made my purchase, is a member of the Wilton product family! (Learned that little nugget at their product preview).

My new little tumbler. Pink, obviously. My water bottle stand-in until I need coffee!

I just got my tumbler yesterday as a Greener way to get my iced soy lattés to go. After two or three a week I start to feel guilty using all the plastic. It certainly took me long enough to get on of these, but finally, a solution!

On a different note, my internship is winding down for the summer. I only have two weeks left here! But that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping busy. I went to my second tasting and have one more scheduled before I leave. I spent two days last week on another photo shoot, (just as unglamorous as the first, but still just as fun). I’ve been to more product previews: Home Depot and Sleep Number, and have Sealy, Loctite and Mohawk Flooring still to come.

At the home depot preview, I learned that they will be carrying an even larger number of Martha Stewart products for the holiday season! It was a little strange seeing lighted Christmas trees and shiny red ornaments on a hot day in July, but that’s just how it all works in this industry.

The Sleep Number preview was really interesting. I learned about a lot of their products but one thing in particular caught my eye. They have a line of linens that works with your body throughout the night to keep you at the right temperature while you sleep. This way you don’t wake up from temperature changes, dripping in sweat or shivering. I loved this. Mostly because if I had sheets that kept me just cool enough all night, I could have my down comforter on my bed every night! And I really do sleep better if I have my comforter. I like to burrow down underneath it, what can I say.

I’ve also been working on getting items in for our Holiday Entertaining photo shoot. I’ve ordered fabrics, ribbons and wrapping paper. Christmas in July – it’s real. As a slight aside, I really hope everyone picks up a copy of the Holiday issue, if only just for this entertaining story. Watching all the pieces come together has been very exciting, and I know, from looking at the tableware and the fabrics and wrapping paper and ornaments and ribbons, that this is going to be a gorgeous story. I can’t wait to see the photos!

Two weeks left and still plenty to do. Stay tuned…



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