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Life as the Trad Home Intern Continued...

Written by Julianne Hilmes

Monday, Scalamandré fabrics came to our office to show us their latest collection. They had some really beautiful fabric. AND the signature Zebra print is being put on umbrellas and they are so cute! They’re big umbrellas too, there’s no way the rain could get you underneath one of those bad boys. The only downside is they’re rather expensive for a college student like me, $95ish I believe. Looks like I won’t be investing in one of those for a while. Boo. :(

Wednesday I had two product previews! I was told it’s quite rare that they schedule two not only on the same day but back-to-back. Nevertheless we made it to both.

The first one was for EK Success Brands. The crafting company that is home to brands like American Girl (crafts), Martha Stewart, K & Company and many others. They had little stations set up around the room where they had made various crafts for various occasions. I loved it! My favorite craft was the Advent calendar. I would love to make something like that.  (I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas). As a take-away they gave us wonderful gift bags chocked FULL of craft stuff. All afternoon I wanted to open the bag but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get everything back in once I took it out! So I had to restrain myself and wait until I took it home. It was literally like Christmas morning as I emptied that thing. I would pull one item out and announce it to my best friend (who I made bear witness to the event), look inside the bag, see an exciting item, say something like “ohmygosh! Look! Stamps!”, and then pull the next item out of the bag.  The only downside to this is that I’m not the craftiest person around. I love crafty things, I like to look at them or play around with them, but when it comes to actually making something worthy or substantial? That is where it becomes a little challenging for me. I always start with the best intentions but 95% of the time it doesn’t pan out. Maybe all I needed was some fun supplies to give me the creative boost I need.

EK Success take-away. So many crafts so little time...

The second product preview we attended was for Guardsman. Guardsman makes products that clean and protect furniture and upholstery. Their new campaign is “Stop cleaning. Start Caring,” and the idea is that we need to care for our furniture like we care for our bodies. We need to use the correct material to apply the correct product in the correct order. All of the products were demonstrated for us, and while I felt like I was in a real-live infomercial, I was totally sold. I really believe it works. The best part? The fabric first-aid kit that is sure to get out stains. I got a sample of it and am taking it home to try and get tomato sauce out of a white dress. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Here was my favorite part about the whole Guardsman thing. Get this:

A furniture care company is advertising their new line like a beauty regimen. (Good. Interesting. That’s a different way to think about how you care for your furniture.)

Then the product presentation is followed by mini-spa treatments. (Ooo fun! Spa treatments at work! What does this have to do with stain repellant?)

Finally, you receive a take-away bag that is filled with furniture and beauty products, but each furniture product is tied together with a beauty product. (What? What is this? A sugar lemon scrub for your dining room table? This doesn’t make sense.............. OH! Wait! I get it! How clever!)

What a brilliant little marketing technique! I couldn’t stop gushing about this the other night. I called my sister to tell her, told my parents and told my friends.

Take-away bag from Guardsman. I think it's so cute!

And now everyone knows I’m a geek for great marketing. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend! I'm certainly looking forward to mine.

There’s more to come. Stay tuned…



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