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Duh, Pinning

Written by Julianne Hilmes

Have you heard of the website yet? If not, you should check it out!

It’s a relatively new website to which you either have to request an invitation or be invited. Once you’re a member, you can peruse all the images on the homepage, or you can filter them out by category: home & furniture, gifts, food & drink, travel, art & architecture, design, DIY, prints, products, fashion and a slew of other categories. It’s like tearing great ideas out of a magazine and putting them in a folder to remember them, only it’s online and much easier to see all at once.


Pinterest Homepage. Everything.  

The idea is that you have your own “boards” on your Pinterest profile. When you see an image you like you can “re-pin” it to the board you deem fitting. You can create your own fashion inspiration board, home ideas board, inspirational quotes board or beautiful photos board. You can have as many or as few boards as you like.

On the homepage, you can see the things that have been pinned and re-pinned by all Pinterest users, or you can simplify to just the pinboards that you follow (this could be your friends or favorite trendsetters), and draw inspiration from them!


My "Home Inspiration" Board. I'm a few years still from having my own place, but hey, I'll be prepared when I do!  

There’s even a nifty application that can go in your Web browser toolbar. With the “pin it” application, no matter what website you are on, if you see something you like, you simply click “pin it” on the toolbar. The application will ask which board you would like the image to be pinned to and then pin it there.

Another great thing about Pinterest, is that you can see the origin of the pin. By just clicking through on an image you will be taken to the original website where, perhaps, you just may find a number of other items to suit your fancy.

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