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Life as the Trad Home Intern Continued...

Written by Julianne Hilmes

I have been one busy little bee! I’ve been calling, e-mailing, making contact sheets, searching through old issues, and working on slideshows. Not to mention the occasional fun little events I get to attend.

Product previews I’ve been to recently:

Behr Paint: Fun! I’ve always liked color combinations. Plus we got these adorable little cake pops!

Cakepops from Behr. Decorated around their new palettes.

Cakepops from Behr. Decorated around their new palettes.

Duravit: I had never heard of this company until I went to the product preview, but they had some very cool products. It’s a European-based company and that shows in the designs, but I like the minimalist style very much.  I learned a lot about the new trend in bathrooms – bidets. (Admit it, you’re curious).

HGTV Home Sherwin Williams & Flooring by Shaw: HGTV has teamed up with these two brands to make product lines that work together. It’s a very cool concept. Somebody who might not know much about color or decorating, or maybe someone who does know a lot but just needs a little guidance, can pick from a Sherwin Williams palette of 20 colors and mix and match any of those 20 colors to work in their home AND use the brochure with the color swatches as a guide when out buying other products to furnish the room, including floor cover by Shaw.

HGTV flashdrives. In the shape of a litle house!

HGTV flashdrives. In the shape of a little house!

Wilton Cake Decorating: Such a fun preview! It was held in the test kitchen, so I automatically loved it. (I love to cook and to bake and may or may not be in love with our beautiful test kitchen). We were all shown new, cute little decorating pieces. Now all I can think about is when I can next bake some cupcakes!

Wilton Cake Decorating

Wilton Cake Decorating

There have been a few more firsts since my last post.

I went to my first Meredith Fitness class. It was a yoga class two weeks ago and I’m going again this evening!

I went to my first over-the-lunch-hour fitness class. It was HardCORE Bootcamp, and it was definitely hardcore. Think giant tires and ropes. It was an awesome class. It kicked my butt. And while I’m still not sure how I feel about the mid-day workout and rinse off and then return to work thing, I’m definitely going again this week.

I went to my first tasting. Oh my gosh was it delicious: trout, shrimp, cream puffs, salad, and cheesecake. All of these menu items were made around a rosemary theme (yum!) and will be featured in our September issue. I highly recommend you make the shrimp (and I’m generally not a shrimp gal).

Nothing too serious on the schedule for the rest of the week, but I’m in the midst of working on four slideshows so that’s probably a good thing. More product previews next week! Stay tuned…



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