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Fire and Ice: New Stylin' Electric Fireplaces and Wine Fridges

Written by Candace Ord Manroe

Until a product preview last month from Twin-Star International, whose brands include Classic Flame Decorative Electric Fireplaces and Tresanti (refrigerated wine cabinets), I never gave much thought to either item for my own home—or as something worth sharing with readers. In fact, until that presentation and a hands-on look at the products, I regarded electric fireplaces, in particular, as something, ahem, less than tasteful. The ones I had seen—admittedly quickly, in rushing through a big-box store—struck me as distinctly lacking in sophisticated styling and natural materials, while the flames appeared egregiously fake.

Well, no more. I'm no expert on what else is out there in the electric fireplace market, but the Classic Flame products I viewed are worth sharing. Take a look for yourself. There's plenty for the pure traditionalist, as well as more streamlined  designs for the traditionalist who loves a little modern in the mix. If you're in a home that does not already have a fireplace, these are worth considering. Or if you're like me, with two fireplaces but none in the bedrooms, these present an option to a major remodeling.



"Everest," which debuts next week at the Las Vegas furniture market, is crafted from marble. Its upscale material and classic design deliver this electric fireplace out of the realm of kitsch and straight to cool.


"Gossamer" is ideal for a French bedroom without the luxury of a built-in woodburning fireplace. Retail: $1,599


As a person who loves oxymorons, how could I not delight in "Baxter"? Heat and refrigeration stand side-by-side, in perfect harmony. Plus, this hard-working furnishing is a media center, too. Retail price: $2,399


"Anaheim" has a nice ebony finish and polished nickel hardware for currency.


I like the clean lines of "Captiva."


Now to Tresanti's wine fridges. "Chianti" is a clever work of engineering, as well as a handsome piece of furniture.

"Meridian" is apartment-friendly with its compact width and greater verticality.



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