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a marvel-ous cooker*

Written by Amy Bleier Long

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the launch (and demo, with lunch!) of AGA MARVEL’s PRO+ line of kitchen appliances. New hot (range, vent hood) and cold (fridge, wine cellar) products were showcased, but the star was the 36” Range.

aga marvel

Of course the range self-cleans, has a variety of settings, and five sizeable burners (with 5,000-15,000 BTUs), but the feature that’s most interesting about the range is its Energy Saving Panel, or ESP. I’ve never seen anything like it and frankly, I love it.


Essentially it’s a divider that is inserted into the oven, splitting it into two cavities. You cook on the right side and the left⎯automatically switched off by the ESP⎯becomes a warming oven via the residual heat. By using the ESP when the full 4.9 cubic feet of oven space isn’t needed, you reduce your energy consumption up to 30%!

This would be great for me because I’m always looking for ways to save energy, and a whole huge oven isn’t necessary to cook everyday dinners for my family of 3 (one being a five-month-old infant just starting solids). The right side appeared plenty big enough to handle anything I'd make for an average dinner. Plus, while trying to cook and feed the baby, things are always getting done at different times. With the ESP, I could keep my finished dishes warm without wasting reams of aluminum foil, as it seems we do now.

A few more highlights:
-products are in colored finishes for the first time (I like Cranberry, above)
-fuel range with gas burners and electric oven
-two very quiet fans provide even distribution of heat
-safety shelves must be lifted first, so you can't accidentally pull out shelf and burn yourself (as I've been known to do)
-deep storage drawer holds ESP and all oven racks when not in use -heats to 375 degrees in only 8 minutes in full
-oven mode making preheating unnecessary
-Sabbath mode


*Ranges and ovens are called cookers in the UK. Fun Irish chef and home economist James McIntosh performed the demo and provided us with a variety of translations from British to American.



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