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Caldrea, take me away!

Written by Amy Bleier Long

Sometimes—well, a lot of times—I spot something when I’m covering new products, or shooting in someone’s home, that makes me want to toss everything in my house and start fresh. I get this overwhelming urge to replace what I have with much fancier versions: this feeling extends from furniture to desk accessories, even cleaning supplies. After all, don’t functional items deserve to be beautiful, too?

Caldrea's cleaners and detergents are some of those special things.

Caldrea Essential Collection in Herbs of Provence

I’m terrible about cleaning, but I always think: If I had nice-smelling products, I’d be so much better! I’ve used Caldrea’s Ginger Pomelo dish soap in the past and, I swear, it makes doing dishes a lot more pleasant. Actually, another editor and I were saying that when the solutions smell this good, you don’t mind cleaning.

Lucky for my (however reluctant) spring-cleaning needs, their new Essential Collection will be available at Target stores starting April 1.

Caldrea Essential 2

The three homekeeping scents are Citron Ginger, Herbs of Provence, and Olive Oil (super realistic, but not heavy). You have to go and give them a sniff, because my describing them wouldn’t do them justice. (Don’t you wish the Internet were scratch-and-sniff? Or is that just me?) Plus, how pretty are these? A heads-up, though, the collection will be in the kitchenware aisle, not the cleaning aisle. And lest you worry about dishpan hands, the Home Ambiance line includes a Hand Care set available in five scents (along with candles, diffusers, and fragrance spray, all found in the candle aisle).  Pomegranate Fig was my favorite.


Another reason I like their cleaners: The solutions are biodegradable and made with plant-based ingredients and natural essential oils. With no harsh chemicals, you avoid the headache-inducing fumes other cleaners have, making you feel as though you need to air out your whole house afterward.

Also dreamy—the new Sandalwood Riceflower fragrance in their main line of products (available at specialty shops and their website).

And while at their site, check out the beautiful wood-handled brushes and dusters. If you hurry, you can score some at a discount until 3/28.

p.s.: Isn’t this light fixture so fun? It’s in the Miele showroom where the launch was held.

caldrea light



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