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smoking-hot hues

Written by Candace Ord Manroe

If you've been following my blogs on trends I observed at Paris's Maison show, you may be afraid that vivid color has vanished from the homescape. No worries.  The warm-gray trend I blogged about earlier is only part of the palette story....the neutral part.

Color is, indeed, alive and well in the fabrics and furnishings introduced last month. And, it's smokin' hot.

Warm colors—especially my personal favorite, orange—are spicing up spaces as pumpkins, paprikas and all shades in between make sizzling style statements in the upscale market.


Orissa Collection from Jim Thompson


"Arya Vine" from No. 9 Jim Thompson Collection


Fabric house Dedar has the following in its new collection:

"Flourish" from Dedar

"Flourish" from Dedar



"Baskiat" from Dedar


"Soho" and "baskiat" from Dedar

"Soho" and "baskiat" from Dedar


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