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Last week I had a meeting with our project manager Jeff Thomas to go over the details of our ever changing lighting plan, and something occurred to me in a flash: We are so lucky to be surrounded by such natural beauty! It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day plans and details of our renovation, but it’s so important to take the time to remember to be grateful for our actual surroundings.... More
The best part about having a beach cottage is­—no surprise here—the stunning ocean view. Throughout every step of our renovation project, we have consistently looked for the best possible ways to maximize that breathtaking view. When it came to the kitchen, and specifically the layout of the range, we realized that instead of a traditional backsplash we could use a mirror and—voila!—beautiful... More
Last week we tackled the logistics and heartache of replacing the original hardwood floors as part of our ongoing beach cottage renovation project. This week we’re on to doors. This house has a LOT of doors. Let’s break it down: there are the glass doors leading out to the porch, carriage doors on the garage, the front door, and all of the inside doors. Guess what? They almost all need... More
This week’s renovation dilemma involves the beautiful, original wood floors throughout our early 1900s cottage. Sounds scary, right? We don’t like where this is headed either. You might recall that our beach house was built in two phases – the original, way back in 1901, and then an addition in the 1970s. At first we thought lifting it would be a breeze since the footprint is so manageable,... More
A new obstacle presented itself this week in the form of bureaucracy––specifically Connecticut Light & Power. Every house must have a meter box that gauges how much electricity is used from month to month. For our house we have two choices: a smaller meter box with above-ground cables that start at an electrical pole across the street and attach to a rod sitting on our roof, or a larger meter... More
Although sometimes it seems slow, we are making progress. Here are "before" and "after" pictures. We're getting there!  West side Before:  West side After:    South side Before:  South side After:    East side Before:  East side After:    Great room view Before:  Great room view... More
As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes even the best laid plans have to change in the middle of a renovation project—and that was just the case this week! We met with our contractor to discuss the construction of the porch, and learned that the top of the porch’s shingle column as drawn on the design sketch would create an obstruction of our ocean view.  This news created a bit of a... More
We met with the Design Development team, our designer Charles Riley, and project manager Jeff Thomas this week to go over the fine points and details of the renovation. For instance, what type of floor should we lay in the foyer and where should the sconces be placed on the walls? There are so many decisions to make! I was hoping we would get through the whole house, but we only made it through... More
Things are really moving full steam ahead now!  We were at the house this past weekend and I’m very pleased to report that the stone foundation on the south and west side of the house has been completed! Because the house was built in 1900 and is one of the last original Connecticut beach cottages, we felt that having a classic stonewall would preserve the authenticity of the property.... More
I am pleased to report that a major corner has been turned—the house has been set on its piers!  It feels like the first time in so long that we’ve actually made progress and moved forward instead of backward. It’s an amazing feeling! So the house is locked in place on its piers and we are ready to move on to phase two—which is pouring the concrete foundation.  After the foundation... More