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WALLPAPER VS. PAINT This is a question close to my heart. Wallpaper can be one of the most fabulous things you can do in your home–but, like color, this is one of those very personal choices. With wallpaper, you can really clean up the architecture of the space. It gives a more completed sense of design. There are a zillion types of wallpaper to chose from as well:  geometrics, raffia... More
Since we’re just waiting for the foundation to be poured, nothing too dramatic has been going on at Renovation Central.  So for this week’s post, I thought it would be helpful to talk to my good friend and decorator extraordinaire, Charles Riley, and share his top decorating tips. Charles’ design aesthetic is vibrant.  He’s not afraid to use color, likes his clients to include... More
Delays are a fact of life when it comes to renovation. As I'm sure you're well aware, our house has been lifted 9 feet in the air, and at some point (which was, by the way, supposed to be three weeks ago) they have to lay a foundation. In order to lay foundation properly though, they have to break up all the granite below the house. It seems the granite is so hard that they keep breaking drills,... More
The Perfect Powder Room By Jaqui Lividini This week is all about the new powder room. Originally, I was an advocate for a third bathroom—John, not so much.  It became a debate for several weeks, each of us listing the pros and cons.  I had my heart set on it and, eventually, through perseverance, I was victorious. The compromise—the third bathroom—became a powder room, a more... More
Carving out the Kitchen By Jaqui Lividini It's finally time for some of the fun things that go with home renovating, like designing the kitchen! Selecting appliances was first on our agenda. Our kitchen is somewhat cozy (like our house). So finding the perfect appliances is super important.  Our goal—to find the largest appliances possible that would not overwhelm our... More
This week is all about lighting, the next project among our never-ending scope of projects! Surprise! The house has an antiquated electrical system, so everything needs to be rewired. This means we now have to start from scratch, an exciting but complex process. We have to figure out which rooms need lights and what type of lights they need. The first step was to go room-by-room and... More
Now that the house is lifted, it's time to get down to everyone's least favorite part of renovating–the budget! Surprise, surprise (I bet you never would have guessed after reading this saga), we've found ourselves terribly over budget. I spent the weekend looking at every minuscule detail of work being done on the house, trying to reduce costs. I like to think of it as... More
By Jaqui Lividini This week miracles occurred: The house is finally lifted! WOW! It's lifted! What was once a house set firmly on the ground is now 9 feet in the air and it's pretty spectacular.  I thought I'd hate it, but I've ended up loving it. It's a completely different house now; it's not necessarily a cottage-style house anymore, but it has such incredible presence at its... More
This week we went to visit our cottage, anticipating it being suspended ten feet in the air. Surprise, surprise, we found it still very much grounded (literally). Because really, things can never go smoothly at this point, right? That would go against everything this blog has been about! The problem, we discovered, is that the house is set on a stone foundation, causing the lifters to... More
The lifting saga has finally come to a close, with the house finally being lifted Thursday. I'll be going up over the weekend to see how that goes. This is so exciting to me—the lifting process has taken so long to actually come to fruition that I can barely believe it's happening! Next week, though, we have the always stressful big budget meeting. When it comes to renovations, whatever the... More