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    After what seems like never-ending delays, we are finally all the way in on our kitchen renovation.  The cabinets are actually already installed and they look fantastic! Unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem with their functionality: the corner cabinet drawers can only be opened when the oven door is open. This obviously won’t fly, so it’s on to troubleshooting,... More
In every life a little rain must fall, and thus is the age-old need for gutters. Gutters may not be the most glamorous aspect of a home, but I am told they are a necessary evil, so here we are. Of course, because they are so commonplace and essential to the foundation of a home, we (I use the we word kindly) completely forgot to budget for them in our initial assessment. Sound familiar? In... More
One of the most important ingredients in a successful renovation project is the creation and implementation of a budget book. The budget book will function as a bible, the road map to success. Any renovation project is filled with paperwork, so it’s essential to find a good system to manage it all, and a budget book gets the job done. In my current project I have nearly 100 AWOs (approved... More
Bathrooms are an important part of every home. That’s why, when it comes to bathroom renovation, do no I repeat do not cut corners on quality! It’s more than worth it to spend money on premium product the first time and not have to fix costly mistakes down the road.    Farm Sink Inspiration We chose Kohler for all of our new fixtures because they are high quality and offer a... More
This week I want to talk about antique light fixtures. There are five antique light fixtures at our beach cottage. The first two are located in the laundry room and in Calliope’s bedroom. These two were original to the house; we saved them during the demolition. I wasn’t sure at that time where they’d go, but I knew we’d find a special place for them.  Original to the house light milk... More
I think that everybody dreams about having an idyllic porch in the country, where the main activities are relaxing, drinking coffee, reading the paper, and enjoying family and friends in the sunshine. Our beach cottage renovation project presented me with a unique opportunity to create such a place in my home away from the hustle and bustle of New York City life. We knew from the outset that... More
At this point, I can genuinely say that I feel great about our progress on the exterior of the house—it’s really coming together nicely. That said, I was recently looking back at my inspiration book from the beginning of the renovation four years ago, and it’s full of shingle houses with blue trim. Apparently, I had forgotten just how much I like blue trim because it has yet to make an... More
This week’s blog is a bit of a cautionary tale, but as usual there is always something to learn. We’d finally gotten to the kitchen in our beach cottage renovation project, and with that came many choices—not the least of which was finalizing the cabinetry. Our original plans for the kitchen included a simple cabinet design—nothing too fancy. But when it came time to sign off on the work, our... More
This week we are going to talk about hidden costs, those unexpected expenses that sneak up out of nowhere—and sneak up they do! It’s fairly typical in renovation for a project to go over budget, in fact, the rule of thumb is that a you can pretty much assume that your costs will double and so will your budgeted time for completion.  In our case, I think we’ve actually tripled the amount of... More
Now that it’s May, I think (I hope!) we can officially say goodbye to the snow, and with that comes a great big hello to our next project—landscaping! I am super excited and also a bit stressed out about the landscaping for our cottage.  The property sits primarily on rock, but there are pockets of grassy areas where we can plant—but what should we plant? The driveway is currently a... More