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As a SCRABBLE player whose unabridged dictionary has a place of honor in the dining room in case a question of etymology arises over the pasta, I am besotted with a game table upholstered in a fabric depicting letter tiles. It's among many furnishings, home accents, and accessories using scripts and fonts that have caught my eye lately. Perhaps we're already nostalgic about scripts and... More
If your summer plans include California, take some time to see the little-known and recently refurbished Rancho Los Alamitos, owned by the city of Long Beach. The site -- striking with its sculptural looking Moreton Bay fig trees -- is opening a new education center and a restored barns area and twenties and thirties-era gardens June 10. The seven and a half acre site is on the National... More
Classical music, bubble bath, and really good desserts are best savored with one's eyes closed, in my experience, and I know that the jolly co-authors of The Back In the Day Bakery Cookbook would agree with me, because in the intro to the recipe for Coconut Cream Pie,  Cheryl Day reminisces about sitting with her dad at the counter of a coffee shop the first time she had the pie, she and... More
If you like midcentury modern, you'll like this new book from Gibbs Smith: Atomic Ranch, Midcentury Interiors, by Michelle Gringeri-Brown with photos by Jim Brown. The two are founders of the quarterly mag, Atomic Ranch, which has helped boost the esteem of the once-maligned tract houses of postwar America, those repositories of fallout shelters, parties during which Tupperware lids were... More
I always light up when I see Tria Giovan is scheduled to shoot one of our stories here at Traditional Home; her work shows a sensitivity to the subject matter that makes you look, and look again. So I was intrigued when I learned that the photographer/oceanophile (yes, I made that up) has a new book out, composed of the the moody, misty, and magical pictures she has been taking for years of the... More
Photos Courtesy of  Walters Gardens In the world of flowers, the Perennial Plant of the Year Award is the equivalent of an Oscar. The Perennial Plant Association this year conferred its highest honor upon Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' because it's easy to grow, works in a wide range of climate types, thrives on benign neglect, and "exhibits multi-season interest."... More
Last week I chatted with Larry Spada of Outdoor Living Brands about trends. With everybody suffering from frugality fatigue, people are investing in their outdoor spaces again for one of two reasons: making their home more enjoyable if they plan to stay in it, or making it more attractive to sell. (In sales shorthand, that's the "love it or list it" phenomenon.) Spada sees... More
As the editor who manages garden content for Traditional Home, so much publicity about garden events crosses my desk that I become garden blind. But Richmond's Historic Garden Week, April 21-28, really caught my eye. What sets it apart is not only its setting in a lovely historic city, but also the beauty of the gardens featured, the quality of the accommodations offered, and the variety of... More
Ever notice the way language reflects trends in design? Happily we have retired "bling" and any more we seldom subject readers to alarming interiors described as "eclectic," where everything from the vase that used to be a chamber pot (quirky) and the bathtub that used to be a cattle trough (whimsical) used to be something else. Now we're at least "upcycling"... More
Monkeys swinging from chandeliers and scarlet drapes with gold tassels—the decorating scheme of this powder room is "rawther fancy," as Eloise, the little girl who lives in the Plaza Hotel, would put it.  The powder room—in the lovely Long Island home of Traditional Home reader Christina Merrill—has a delightful Eloise connection: Its murals on canvas were painted... More