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I am pleased to report that a major corner has been turned—the house has been set on its piers!  It feels like the first time in so long that we’ve actually made progress and moved forward instead of backward. It’s an amazing feeling! So the house is locked in place on its piers and we are ready to move on to phase two—which is pouring the concrete foundation.  After the foundation... More
This week presented another series of ups and downs. On Saturday, we met with Jeffrey Thomas, our Design Development project manager, and for the first time we were able to walk up a ladder and go into the house—a little scary actually! You would think this would have been a joyful experience—and it was—but it was also distressing because the interior didn’t look so hot. You may remember that... More
  The plan for this week was to give you an updated progress report on our renovation project after a scheduled meeting with Jeff Thomas, our Design Development Project Manager. But as we’ve learned time and time again on this journey, plans often change, and that meeting was postponed. So instead, I’m going to tell you about the planned décor of my daughter Calliope’s bedroom—which I’m... More
Construction on the exterior of our beach house is currently on hold because of the extreme cold we’ve been experiencing here in the Northeast. This, however, did not stop our beautiful new Italian La Castellamonte wood stove from being delivered this week—despite the fact that the house is not ready! So instead of having this extremely cumbersome and heavy delivery delivered directly to the... More
This week we went to the house to meet with Jeffrey, our Design Development Project Manager, and check on the ledge rock situation. A few weeks ago, you may remember, we established a plan to chip away at the rock with hammers and chisels in order to ensure level ground before laying the foundation. Unfortunately, this process is taking far longer than any of us could have anticipated and will... More
This week I’m going to tell you about the continuing saga that has been devising a lighting plan for our beach house.  Because the house was built in 1900 and the electrical was never upgraded, you can just imagine how outdated the system was.   We were in dire need of an entire new plan!  Luckily, we are working with our brilliant designer Charles Riley, and the ever... More
House elevated nine feet in the air? Check. Renovation underway and appliances being chosen? Check. Foundation poured? Not just yet. You may remember that the foundation for our beach house was supposed to be poured at the beginning of November. Now, we are shooting for the end of January–which a glance at the calendar will show you is fast approaching!   So back to the question... More
WALLPAPER VS. PAINT This is a question close to my heart. Wallpaper can be one of the most fabulous things you can do in your home–but, like color, this is one of those very personal choices. With wallpaper, you can really clean up the architecture of the space. It gives a more completed sense of design. There are a zillion types of wallpaper to chose from as well:  geometrics, raffia... More
Since we’re just waiting for the foundation to be poured, nothing too dramatic has been going on at Renovation Central.  So for this week’s post, I thought it would be helpful to talk to my good friend and decorator extraordinaire, Charles Riley, and share his top decorating tips. Charles’ design aesthetic is vibrant.  He’s not afraid to use color, likes his clients to include... More
Delays are a fact of life when it comes to renovation. As I'm sure you're well aware, our house has been lifted 9 feet in the air, and at some point (which was, by the way, supposed to be three weeks ago) they have to lay a foundation. In order to lay foundation properly though, they have to break up all the granite below the house. It seems the granite is so hard that they keep breaking drills,... More