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Call it alabaster, silver, or ice, pewter, charcoal, or salt and pepper -- the truth is I’ve gone gray, gray as Barbara Frietchie (“Shoot if you must, this old gray head!“) and Barbara Bush. Twentysome years ago when I began letting nature take its course, I wouldn’t have guessed that one day strangers would congratulate me for my “courage" in going gray. Purple... More
In Iowa, where Traditional Home is published (I know) -- it was a real kick to see our First Lady – so tall and lithe and lovely -- deliver the commencement address recently at the University of Northern Iowa on a perfect spring day. Of course, we Iowans loved what the First Lady said about us, reminiscing that when she first showed up at the Iowa caucuses with a fellow who had big... More
I was thrilled to learn that my son, who is graduating from law school Saturday, wants a book that is at least in part about grammar as his gift, Garner on Language and Writing, by Bryan A. Garner.  It's cheaper than a BMW, and in the long run, if the results are efficacious, more valuable to his image. But I'm puzzling over what to give other graduates in my ken; it hurts my... More
Last week, the Stately Homes by the Sea Designer Show House opened at Holly Hill, a Georgian colonial estate built in 1934 and located near Red Bank, New Jersey. All proceeds from the house benefit the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey's home care, hospice and community-based programs and services. Traditional Home is honored to sponsor this show house, where the talent of... More
Usually attributed to trendy stores and hipster subculture, “pop-up shops” conjure images of impossibly long-lines, cooler-than-thou gadgets, and frenetic teenagers swooning over the latest iPhone case. One certainly doesn’t equate that kind of tchotchke-filled hut with the elegance of bespoke furniture and a venerable name. Check your preconceived notions at the door as the... More
We are proud to again sponsor Design on a Dime, a fantastic fundraiser benefitting Housing Works, which is an organization working to end AIDS and homelessness. More than 50 top designers have created vignettes and every item in the vignettes - including new housewares, furniture, and linens - are for sale at 50-70% off retail prices. Proceeds of sales benefit a new housing project in Brooklyn... More
If as a kid, you puzzled over why your parents were trying to eradicate pretty little dandelions, you'll enjoy British nature writer's Richard Mabey's bemused, philosophical, and wide-ranging meander through the subject of weeds in his new book of the same name. On this eloquent tour through history, nature, fine art, and the Bible, the author considers the carpets of poppies on... More
By this time tomorrow -- barring an eleventh hour change of heart -- Wills and Kate will be married. According to a Reuters article, royal etiquette requires that you refrain from wearing halter necks, spaghetti straps and miniskirts to the wedding. I plan to watch in the style of Elvis, later imitated by LBJ (those big galoots had three TVs lined up in a row so that they could watch the major... More
A powerful terra-cotta Mastiff, circa 1850, from Clinton Howell, the fair’s organizer and president of the League. Consider cruising the five-day Spring Show NYC as 65 dealers from around the country strut their stuff at the Park Avenue Armory. The show opens this Thursday and all opening-night proceeds benefit the ASPCA which explains the spotlight on animal-themed antiques. At the... More
I confess I have very Elvis-y plans for mine tonight: a ham sandwich on white bread (I like Pepperidge Farm Very Thin), though I fear with plenty of Durkee's dressing, the sandwich will not render me Very Thin, in fact Rather Stout. That still leaves one person with an abundance of ham, however, so I've been looking through some of our recipes for more upscale ways to put the pig to rest... More