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This week's story is an unfortunate one, and I'm sad to say, it is one of several similar unfortunate stories surrounding the renovation of our beach home. Now that the exterior of the house was almost complete, it was time to install the gutters.  I wanted the high end round gutters, that not everyone installs, so it took me some time to find a “reputable” installer.  This all took... More
My fascination with whitewash began innocently with one armoire.  The armoire in question is large and beautiful and I've kept it in storage for years.  I bought it many years ago at an antique store for my first New York bachelorette pad, and have lived in six different apartments since then, so it's been in and out of rotation. It occurred to me recently that it might work... More
Last week I took you on a journey to find the perfect table to complement our living room window seat. This week we've moved on to the ever-important kitchen. Originally, we were interested in a U-shaped kitchen where one side is a countertop with stools and cabinets underneath and the other side is kitchen workspace. In theory, this was a great idea, but realistically it compromised the... More
Now that we are ready to move in, the fun really begins—it's time to furnish the place! Our first order of business: finding the perfect table to complement our bay window/window seat. The spot has a gorgeous view, so we knew it needed to be a multi-purpose table—right for a game of chess or a cup of tea, a computer, or an afternoon snack. The question became what kind of table should we pair... More
There is no denying that the weather is kind of crazy right now. Recently, it has been literally snowing one day only to be nearing 70 degrees on the next. But how amazing it is to be in our beach cottage when it is snowing, and hopefully we will get some more of it before this "winter" is over. The south view of Haycock Point ​ During the most recent snowstorm, we were at the house... More
Now that we are actually residing in our beach house a good portion of the time—and enjoying the heck out of it I might add—we are able to clearly see the many things that either still need fixing or adding. Thus, our handyman has become a somewhat permanent fixture in our lives. For instance, John and I found a long, thin driftwood log in Maine this summer. It's beautiful and obviously... More
The time has come to talk about closets. We finally had closets installed last week after waiting for what seemed like an eternity. After much research and deliberation, we went with ELFA from The Container Store. Because our house was built in 1901, there were no closets in the original design. When they were added, they were all awkward sizes with roof angles, slanted walls, beams, etc. We... More
This week I want to discuss the elephant in the room: the dreaded hurricane. As you might recall, the story of the mad renovator originated with a visit from Hurricane Irene. Being that our beach house is on the Long Island Sound, we are extremely vulnerable to all forms of inclement weather with the dreaded hurricane being at the top of the list. The lattice are actually break away walls... More
Surprise, surprise: Once you have your certificate of occupancy, you aren’t actually finished! No one ever tells you this important bit of information—including the contractor! So, there is this thing called a punch list, which is a list of all remaining work that needs to be completed at the end of a construction project, and ours is, of course, substantial and growing. In order to know all... More
All new buildings and all buildings that undergo extensive changes must obtain a certificate of occupancy, and we finally got ours! I was under the impression that we would have gotten ours about two years ago, but as with many things during this project, it came right down to the wire—as in, “we got the C of O the day we moved out of our apartment in the city” down to the wire. In fact, John was... More